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Found! Shipwreck
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Posted: February 13, 2024
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    The wreck of Arlington (Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society via AP)
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    Arlington was loaded with wheat when it sank in Lake Superior. (Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society via AP)
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    Arlington sank in 1940. (Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society via AP)
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The year is 1940. A terrible storm hits Lake Superior in Michigan. Captain Frederick “Tatey Bug” Burke steers through the tempest in his ship, the SS Arlington. But the storm is too much for him. Down goes Arlington into the deep—never to be seen again?

Nope. Shipwreck hunters found Arlington at last.

Shipwreck researcher Dan Fountain announced the discovery on Monday. His group found the 244-foot ship in about 650 feet of water.

Arlington left Port Arthur, Ontario, on April 30, 1940. It was fully loaded with wheat. It headed to Owen Sound, Ontario. And Captain Burke? He knew all about sailing on the Great Lakes.

Arlington and a larger ship, Collingwood, made their way across Lake Superior. Then came the fog, night, and storm. The bad weather battered both ships. Arlington began to take on water.

The ship’s first mate ordered Arlington to steer toward the Canadian North Shore. But Captain Burke disagreed. He ordered his ship back onto a course across the open lake.

Early on May 1, 1940, Arlington began to sink. The crew abandoned ship. Everyone made it safely onto Collingwood, except for Captain Burke. He went down with Arlington. Reports say Captain Burke was last seen waving at Collingwood. Minutes later, his ship vanished into the lake.

“It’s exciting to solve just one more of Lake Superior’s many mysteries, finding Arlington so far out in the lake,” Mr. Fountain says. He hopes that the find will help Captain Burke’s family understand what happened to him.

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