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Bosnia’s Hobbit Town
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Posted: September 01, 2023
  • 1 Hobbit house k
    Milijana Milicevic stands in front of the hobbit house named Lipa. It is in the Hobbiton village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Reuters/Amel Emric)
  • 2 Hobbit house k
    The Ober house’s door and window are red, the color of cinnabar ore. (Reuters/Amel Emric)
  • 3 Hobbit house k
    Marija Milicevic holds a stone used to build the Bedem house. (Reuters/Amel Emric)
  • 4 Hobbit house k
    Vedrana Milicevic stands inside the Lipa house. Lipa is both a village and a tree, so it is decorated with pieces of wood. (Reuters/Amel Emric)
  • 5 Hobbit house k
    A painted satellite dish depicting Gandalf the Grey sits on top of a hobbit house. (Reuters/Amel Emric)
  • 1 Hobbit house k
  • 2 Hobbit house k
  • 3 Hobbit house k
  • 4 Hobbit house k
  • 5 Hobbit house k


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Look out over the Bosnian countryside. You’ll see rolling green hills and forests. Look closer. Do you see big round doors in the hillsides?

It looks like something from a fantasy novel. But these hills aren’t inhabited by magical creatures. They’re a destination for tourists.

This is Kresevo Hobbiton. It’s a real-life hobbit village.

What’s a hobbit? Hobbits were made up by English author J.R.R. Tolkien. He first wrote about them in The Hobbit, published in 1937. They are short people with big hairy feet. They live in cozy underground “hobbit holes.”

The four Milicevic sisters aim to capture that cozy feeling.

Together, they designed this half-underground village. Their family often held gatherings in the hills near Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo. They wanted to share that experience with tourists. One of the sisters, Marija, had the idea to build a hobbit village.

Marija Milicevic is a 28-year-old geology engineer. Geology engineers study how man-made projects affect the Earth. Her skills helped turn the hills into underground houses.

Bosnia’s hobbit village doesn’t just copy Tolkien. The houses include characteristics of the local countryside. Each sister picked one house to decorate. One sister named her hobbit house “Lipa,” after the town where she grew up. It has a round green door. Another house is named “Ober,” after a local mine. Stalactites decorate the ceiling to create a cave-like feeling.

So far two houses are complete. Three more remain under construction.

Tourists have already stayed in the first two hobbit holes. They say it feels like living a fairytale.

How would you design your perfect hobbit house? What elements of your home would you include? Let us know! Send a description or a drawing to

Why? God designed people to use imagination and creativity to build homes on this planet in a variety of ways.