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San Francisco’s Dogstaurant
Critter File
Posted: January 01, 2023
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    A dog eats at the Dogue restaurant in San Francisco, California. (AP/Haven Daley)
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    Dogue is a fancy restaurant. (AP/Haven Daley)
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    A meal for a pup costs $75 dollars! (AP/Haven Daley)
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    People and dogs can eat at the restaurant. (AP/Haven Daley)
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People in San Francisco, California, love food. They also love dogs. Why not put those together . . . with a dogstaurant? Get it? That’s restaurant plus dog.

An entrepreneur (business starter) just opened Dogue. (That rhymes with vogue, a word meaning fashion or trend.) Your dog could eat at this new café . . . for $75.

What’s on the menu? A multiple-course “bone appetite” meal. It may include chicken skin waffles and raw filet mignon steak with quail egg. As the pup’s human, you’ll also get a baked treat.

Rahmi Massarweh is the chef and dog owner behind the big idea.

Mr. Massarweh spends hours cooking and getting ready for customers. He says ingredients are not cheap in the expensive city. Everything he cooks a human could eat too. (Though if you took a bite, you’d probably find the doggie dishes a bit bland. Humans like their food salty. Dogs really don’t care.)

“When we make our food, it is a process,” says Mr. Massarweh. “It is very time-consuming. Our pastries, for example, take about two days on average to make. I know they’re going to be eaten in two seconds.” He wants his restaurant to show that dogs benefit from fresh food instead of dried food in a bag.

But $75? Some say that’s way too much to spend on one dinner for a dog—especially in a city where many people are needy. You could feed five homeless people one big San Francisco burrito each for the same amount.

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor. — Proverbs 22:9

Why? It can be fun to spoil a pet. But we must also wisely use the money God gives us.