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What Makes You YOU?
Take Apart SMART!
Posted: November 01, 2023
  • 1 genetics k
    Your parents passed traits to you through their genes. (AP/Wong Maye-E)
  • 2 genetics k2
    Check out this family’s recipe. The capital “A”s represent a dominant allele for dark hair. The lowercase “a”s represent a recessive allele for red hair. (stock)
  • 3 genetics k
    The alleles determined each child’s hair color. (stock)
  • 4 genetics k
    The ear on the left has an attached earlobe. The earlobe on the right is free or unattached. (right-AP; left-public domain)
  • 5 genetics k
    Most people have brown eyes. (Pixabay)
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  • 2 genetics k2
  • 3 genetics k
  • 4 genetics k
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Your mom’s genes

+ your dad’s genes

= your genes

Genes are the code that determines a creature’s design. Genes decide how each living thing will look and function. They pass from creatures to their offspring, and then to the offspring of those creatures, and so forth.

Some genetic traits are more common than others. That’s because the genes that determine these traits are dominant. In the gene “wrestling match,” dominant traits overpower recessive traits.

Let’s look at this “gene recipe” for you. Did you know your biological code is arranged in pairs? These pairs are called alleles (uh-LEELS). Each contains matching genes: one from mom and one from dad. Is a dominant allele paired with a recessive allele? If so, you’ll get the dominant trait. If you have two recessive alleles: Bingo! You win the less common recessive trait.

Example: Are you a redhead? You got those gingery locks from both mom and dad. Each gave you a recessive gene for red hair. If only one of your parents passed on a red hair gene and the other passed on a dark hair gene, you’ll have dark hair. But you’ll carry the red hair gene. You could pass red hair to your kids . . . if your spouse carries the ginger gene too.

What traits did you inherit from your parents? What was God doing when He designed YOU?


Look in the mirror. Do you have . . .

  • a widow’s peak? This is when your hairline comes to a downward point on your forehead. (Not all scientists agree that this is a dominant trait.)
  • free earlobes? Attached earlobes are a recessive trait.
  • brown eyes? Most people have brown eyes. Blue eyes contain much less of the pigment melanin. A different gene produces yellow pigment and causes hazel eyes.
  • hair on the middle joint of your finger? Hair on even just one finger counts.