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What’s in a Game?
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Posted: March 01, 2024
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    Nintendo’s top game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, created games such as Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. (AP/Paul Sakuma)
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    A character artist designs a new character for a Sonic the Hedgehog game. (AP/Nick Ut)
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    Video games bring in more global revenue than other forms of entertainment such as books, movies and TV, and recorded music. (Newzoo, Statista, MPA, IFPI)
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    Lots of people love to play video games, but most gamers are under 35 years old. (Entertainment Software Association)
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    Gaming has grown over the years. People play on computers, consoles, or mobile devices. How has the way people play changed? (Statista, Newzoo)
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Video games have come a long way since 1985’s Tetris. Modern games may feature complex stories, realistic graphics, and professional voice acting. Some look more like movies! That doesn’t happen by itself. Here are five of the most important jobs in video game design:


The designer is like the director on a film set. Designers bring the big ideas or the vision. They dream up the game’s world and its rules. As you can guess, lots of creative people want this job.


Developers are also called “programmers.” They write the game’s code. This code makes everything work. Want a character to jump? Someone has to write code to make that happen. Developers execute the designer’s vision.


Fun isn’t everything. Looks matter too. So games need artists. Artists design every character and object you see in a game. Then animators make those designs move. Without artists and animators, all games would still look like Tetris—just colorful squares!


Many video games tell stories. Those stories need writers. Writers don’t just come up with plots. They also create dialogue for the game’s characters. Some games have as many words as a novel.


Testers play games to make sure they work. Whoa! Playing video games as a job? Don’t get too excited. Play testing is hard work. Testers must find every possible glitch. They play the same levels over. And over. And over.

It takes a team to make a modern game. Everyone brings skills and ideas. But when they work together, they can make something amazing.