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What’s Old Is New Again
Time Machine
Posted: November 01, 2023
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    The Polaroid OneStep 2 camera is on display on January 9, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (AP/John Locher)
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    Luke Wheeler-Waddison, 10, shows a Polaroid taken of Great Britain’s Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, in London in 2020. (Toby Melville/AP)
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    Rare vinyl records by Elvis Presley and The Supremes are displayed at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California. (AP/Chris Pizzello)
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    The United Record Pressing facility produces freshly pressed vinyl records in Nashville, Tennessee. (AP/Mark Humphrey)
  • 5 OLD NEW k2
    A rugged, affordable flip phone called FirstNet Ready DuraXE Epic (Business Wire)
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Imagine a world where no one carries a smartphone or has internet access.

Got a question? You can’t ask Google. You’ll have to check an encyclopedia.

Want to hear a song? You’ll have to find a CD, cassette tape, or record player.

Is your dog making a cute face? You can’t snap an iPhone photo. Grab a Kodak camera instead.

People in younger generations don’t remember a time like this. The internet and smartphones have been around as long as they have. Is that why so many of them want to try out old tech? It’s normal for people to look to the past. Fashions, technology, music, and food trends often come back around. What’s old is new again.

Look around. Have you spotted young adults talking on flip phones?

Compared to smartphones, flip phones can’t do much. But young people these days want a sense of what it feels like not connected to the internet all the time. Flip phones let you call and text. But you can’t get online.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that people are playing vinyl records again. The first widely sold record player came out in 1859. Now that’s an antique! Why would anyone want to invest in one those when countless songs can stream instantly from a phone? Record enthusiasts say the big, black rotating discs just sound better. They make music sound more real.

Polaroid cameras make a comeback too. These cameras, first sold in 1948, capture and print photos right away. Cell phone cameras may be convenient. But Polaroids give you something you can hold.

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the Sun. — Ecclesiastes 1:9