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Will the Mystery End?
Time Machine
Posted: April 20, 2018


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If Amelia Earhart were alive today, she would be over 120 years old. In all these years, people have not forgotten her. Why?

It’s partly because she disappeared. People love mysteries. But Ms. Earhart’s mystery may have a solution now. Will her name finally disappear from the news because of Mr. Jantz’s discovery?

Maybe—but that’s hard to imagine. People will still probably be intrigued by her story. Besides, people liked Ms. Earhart as a person. They still do. They like her frank, gray eyes. They like the way she was ready to take on challenges. Ms. Earhart was tall and slim. She wore her hair short. She looked a lot like Charles Lindbergh, who in 1927 became the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic. After Ms. Earhart made her first flight across the Atlantic, people started calling her “Lady Lindy.” Newspaper writers, photographers, and videographers used Ms. Earhart’s personality and looks to make her famous. Ms. Earhart used her fame to help pay for her career as a pilot.

We naturally admire people like Amelia Earhart. Independence and daring can be good qualities. But they can quickly turn into not-so-good qualities. Are you ever tempted to admire someone for his or her rebelliousness and recklessness? Think about Ms. Earhart or another person from history you respect. What do you like about that person? Which good qualities might that person have taken a little too far?