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This Year’s Biggest Baby Names
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Posted: May 14, 2024
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    Liam and Olivia are the top baby names—again. (AP/Charlie Riedel)


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Do you know a brand-new baby? Is his name Liam? Or is her name Olivia?

Those names, for the fifth year in a row, topped the list of baby names in the United States. And a newcomer joined the top 10 in name-fame for the first time: Mateo. That’s a Spanish variation of Matthew. It means “gift of God.”

Each year, the U.S. Social Security Administration keeps track of baby names given to boys and girls in each state. The list goes all the way back to 1880! Parents apply for Social Security cards for their babies. The agency gathers the names from applications. The list shows how names rise and fall in popularity.

For boys, Liam has reigned seven years in a row. Olivia has topped the girls’ list for five years. Before Olivia, Emma was number one for five years.

After Liam, the most common names for boys are Noah, Oliver, James, Elijah, Mateo, Theodore, Henry, Lucas, and William.

After Olivia, the most common names for girls are Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, Sophia, Mia, Isabella, Ava, Evelyn, and Luna.

The latest data shows that 3.58 million babies were born in the United States in 2023. That’s slightly fewer than last year, when 3.66 million babies were born.

Data trackers also watch to see which names become popular fastest. The fastest rising name for boys is Izael. (That seems to be a Spanish or Portuguese variation of the name Israel.) The second fastest rising is Chozen. (Chozen comes from a popular TV show.) For girls, one of the fastest rising baby names is Kaeli. (That name is probably popular because of a YouTube star by that name.)

You can find out which names were most popular the year you were born. The Social Security website keeps a complete list.

What’s the meaning of your name? Why do you think your parents picked that name for you? Does your personality match the meaning of your name?

Some names are actually illegal in some places. One example: Nutella! Read about more illegal names at WORLDkids.

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. — Proverbs 22:1