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Vote! Who Wins Fattest Bear?
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Posted: September 27, 2023
  • K1 806 Spring Cub
    Look how much cub 806 grew during the summer! (T. Carmack and F. Jiminez/NPS)
  • K2 901s Spring Cubs
    Which in this group of chubby cubbies would get your vote? (F. Jimenez/NPS)
  • K3 909 Jr
    Junior the bear is in the running for the fattest cub prize. (F. Jimenez and K. Moore/NPS)
  • K4 910 Yearling
    Over the summer, Yearling went from scrawny to brawny. (F. Jimenez and K. Moore/NPS)
  • K1 806 Spring Cub
  • K2 901s Spring Cubs
  • K3 909 Jr
  • K4 910 Yearling


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Click through the photos. Which bear deserves the title of “Chubby Cubby”?

Alaska’s brown bears gobbled berries and salmon all summer. Their extra chub will help them survive winter hibernation. You can help decide which cub deserves the Fattest Bear crown.

Fat Bear Week returns to Katmai National Park this week. Voting for Fat Bear Junior begins September 28. Voting for the favorite adult Fat Bear runs from October 4 to October 10. 

The National Park Service started Fat Bear Week in 2014. Back then, it was just Fat Bear Tuesday. People loved it. By 2015, the Park Service set aside a whole week to celebrate the brown bears.

There are often sad stories about animals in the news. But these bears are fat and happy. They live beside a clean river and get plenty of salmon to eat.

Are you ready to vote? Ask a grownup’s permission to visit Vote for Fat Bear Junior on September 28 and 29. The winning cub will compete with the big bears beginning October 4. Last year, over one million people voted for their favorite fat bears.

You can watch the Brooks River bears anytime from June to October. Eight cameras livestream their movements at

The Fat Bear winners don’t get a prize. But they do get a six-month nap.

Let us know which bear gets your vote. Email

He gives to the beasts their food. — Psalm 147:9